15 Tips for the best wedding photos ever

As a photographer I get to see all parts of a wedding day from beginning to end. Theres a few things I’ve learned that really help make the day go smoothly and ensure you’ll get great photos!

Getting Ready

1. No Clutter

You’re bridal party is going to end up brining a lot of stuff to your room. You too will have bags with you and a suitcase full of everything you need. For the photos, keep these things out of sight. Have everyone keep their things in the closet or in drawers if possible. Don't forget to make your bed. This all goes for your Fiancé’s room too!  

2. Lighting

If you can, choose a getting ready location with lots of natural light. I’ll want all the windows open and the lights off so we can get the look we want and soak up all that gorgeous window light.

3. Location

Sometimes hotel rooms just aren’t that nice. Check out an Air BnB instead. Sometimes you can rent a whole house for way cheaper than a suite at a hotel. And you can find on that really fits your style!

4. Make - up

It’s not true that you need to go heavy with your make up so it “shows up on camera” My camera will pick it all up and then some. Heavy eye shadow can make your eyes look smaller and thick fake lashes (girl get extensions, they will change your life!) can cast a shadow under your eyes making you look tired. 


*Wedding Dress Tip*

Get a Pretty hanger for your dress! Also, when shopping for your dress keep in mind how comfortably you can move in it. If you can’t move freely it will limit our shooting style. if you really love the carefree unposed and totally fun photos then let your dress reflect that style. At the same time it’s your wedding day and you can wear whatever the hell you want so you do you boo boo  😘


Formal Portraits

1. Keep it short

For your family formal shots try to keep it to just your immediate family. This means, parents, siblings(their children and spouses if they have any) and grandparents. Extended family photos can be taken during your reception as you make your way to greet everyone. These can take longer than any other part of the day and usually everyone just wants to get to the reception and start having fun. So the less formal shots we have to take the more fun and candid shots we’ll get later!

2. Stick to the timeline

So the timeline almost always gets behind at some point during the day *cough*Bride Getting Ready*cough*  but thats ok I always add in more time to account for these scenarios!

But the best part about this timeline is letting your family and bridal party know exactly what time they need to be ready to get their photos done. 

First Look


Should you do a first look?

It’s 100% up to you if you want to do a first look. Don’t ever let a vendor make you feel pressured to do one. Our timeline will still work if you don’t want to. So this is your call.

here are the reasons why so many people feel it makes for a better timeline. 

1. Photos done early

when you do a first look we get to take all those family formals, the bridal party shots and your bridal photos all before the ceremony which means right after you get married all we’ll do is take some sunset shots (like 15 min) and you get to enjoy your cocktail hour and spend your time with your family. 

2. Calms the nerves

I promise you will totally (ugly) cry again down the aisle but you won’t be as nervous the whole day leading up to the ceremony

3. It’s private

This is a time for you two to exchange any vows you want to keep private. I’ll be shooting from a distance. It’s also a good time for you to exchange your gifts instead of sending a bridesmaid/groomsmen to do it. You two can have a moment together away from everyone. It’s the genuine, whole hearted, not-putting-on-a-show-for-anyone commitment you make to each other. 




1. Lighting

When you’re looking for venues make sure the sun will be behind your officiant. You don’t want one of you staring into the sun and the other in a shadow. The goal is even lighting.

2. Mic

A mic stand can be an eyesore. if you can have your officiant with a lapel mic or a handheld mic. 


There is nothing more disheartening for me than when I’m taking photos of your ceremony and your guests are holding up phones (or even ipads) or their cameras taking their own photos. I don’t mind them taking photos during the reception or cocktail hour but for ceremony remind them that you want them to be present in this moment with you. I’ll be taking photos of their reactions as well and it’s hard with their phones covering their faces. Also flashes going off during the ceremony can mess with my photos. 

A sign is a great way to let them know but also have your officiant make and announcement right before the ceremony starts. 


1. Lighting

Are you sensing a theme yet? I’m a slave to the light and the better it is the better the photos. Get that mood right with all the twinkle lights you can! Candles, soft lights, fairy lights. I love them all! I will do my best to capture your day exactly how it looks, that means I won’t take out my flash until I absolutely have to so turn up the ambient light!

2. DJ lights

Your Dj will most likely have those cool party lights. I love those for dancing! but have him wait to turn them on until after your first dance, father/daughter dance and mother/son dance. Those don't really go with the mood of the moment and they leave colored spots on your dress and skin! 

3. Dinner

I’ll eat when you eat. No one needs pictures of you or your guests chowing down. This also ensures that once you’re done, I’m done and can get back in the action with you. You have the option to feed me (thank you so much this saves me!) if not I’ll take 45 min to leave your venue and go find food.

Ask me anything! I want to be an extra help to you both. So don’t be shy, ask away. I really love helping you plan your perfect day and making sure you get everything you want!